Stem Cell Treatments

Stem Cell Treatments

What are Stem cells?

Stem cells are the body’s master cells.  

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions are generated including blood and nerve cells.

Stem cells can besides having the possibility to develop into specialIzed cells, also have the possibility to duplicate itself to exact copies.

Stem cells are the startmaterial which creates all other cells in a new person, and this type of Stem cells are called Embryonic Stem cells.

The Embryonic cells multiplies under the development of a human fetus, and the Stem cells transforms and becomes the specialized cells that builds all of the human bodies different organs.

During a persons life there is also a continuous process of newly formed Stem cells which are called Adult Stem cells.

The Adult Stem cells are mainly found in the bone marrow, but can also be found in fat tissue, liver, brain and blood.

During a persons life, Stem cells maintains and regenerates the bodies tissues by replacing old and damaged cells.

Stem cell IV treatment.

Stem cell treatment is also generally known as Intravenous treatment and it is a medical treatment for adding stem cells directly to the bloodstream.

During a treatment, Stem cells are extracted from the patients own blood and the Stem cells are added through an intravenous drip.

Through the bloodstream the Stem cells finds the area where the damaged or sick cells are located. The Stem cells are then transformed into the specific cells that are to be replaced or reimaged.

Stem cells can therefor potentially repair or replace damaged body tissue and organs. 

Advantages with Stem cells treatments.

Stem cell treatment offer a range of potential benefits including recreating of damaged body tissue and organs, relief of pain and an improved quality of life for patients with different medical conditions.

In addition is there with a Stem Cell IV treatment a minimal invasive procedure with a relatively short period of recovery and a low risk for complications compared to other treatments. This as Stem cells are extracted from the patients own blood, and the patients body does therefor recognize the cells that are added to the body.

Stem cell injection treatment – a developed and more concentrated form of PRP injection.

Stem cells are extracted from the patients own blood in the same way as with an IV treatment.

The stem cells are then added through an injection in that area that shall be treated. This can for example be in a torn knee joint.

Stem cell injections can also be used in beauty treatments as an alternative to chemical filler substances.

Success rate in Stem cell treatments

The results of a Stem cell treatment are depending on different factors, such as for example the general health condition of the patient, the specific medical condition that shall be treated and the type of Stem cell treatment that is used.

Whos is a suitable candidate for a Stem cell treatment?

A suitable candidate for a Stem cell treatment is a patient with a medical condition that can benefit from a regenerative treatment, as for example autoimmune diseases and orthopedic injuries.

The possibility of a Stem cell treatment is decided by the selected form of treatment and the patients general health condition.

How long does the effect of a Stem cell treatment last?

The effective period of a stem cell treatment varies depending on to the patients medical condition and the type of Stem cell treatment that is being used.

Some patients experiences an improvement for a time period of several months up to several years, while other patients might need to have additional treatments to maintain the result.

Stem cell IV globally.

Stem cell treatments can be found in many countries.

The countries that are at the forefront within the fields of research and treatment are South Korea, USA and Israel.

7H Medical AB is an exclusive distributor for the Swedish and Norwegian markets for Stem cell machine equipment and treatment kits from the two main producers in South Korea.

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