MonaLisa Filler Hard

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MonaLisa Filler Hard
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MonaLisa is a hyaluronic acid based filler. By optimizing the viscosity and hyaluronic acid particles using Hy-BRID technology, MonaLisa fillers provide excellent volume, long-lasting effects and a natural look.
Hyaloranic acid based filler restores the skins esasticity and tighten loose skin.

It is suitable for medium to deep wrinkles, for improving lip contours and for increasing volume. In particular, deep nasolabial folds and wrinkles on the cheeks and between the eyebrow.

All of the fillers in the MonaLisa serie has a specially designed handle and anti-slip functionality to facilitate the injector’s process

This Monalisa Filler Hard dose not contain lidocaine. 

Treatment Areas

Glabellar wrinkles
Hand area
Chin area
Wrinkles and marionette lines
Crow’s feet
Mentolabial folds and nasolabial folds
Corner of the mouth area
Nose area
Perioral wrinkles
Cheek area