Line-Vu 2D Scanner

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Line-Vu 2D facial scanner
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Line-Vu is a cost-effective 2D facial scanner equipped with a 13 million pixel camera for the face and an 8 million pixel camera for the neck for simple and clear images.

Line-Vu is the smallest and lightest machine in the Vu series with a weight of only 4.8 kg.
Line-Vu is a cost-effective scanner suitable for beauty and skincare stores.
With Line-Vu, 12 different types of facial skin problems can be analyzed through its camera with 4 different LED light functions.
Line-Vu is equipped with an additional camera on the front of the machine to analyze wrinkles on the neck and throat.

Like all facial scanners from 7H Medical, the Line-Vu can calculate the number and size of pores on the face. You can also see if the pores are in an early stage of increased sebum production, as well as pores that have started to age.

Similarly to the pores, melanin and pigment changes in the skin can be monitored.
Thanks to the technology in these machines, pigment changes that need urgent treatment can be detected.

Through Line-Vu, it is possible to obtain images from 3 different angles, in order to see the whole face for a correct analysis.
Through the images, the customer will be able to see how the face will look in the future without having done the measures that Line-Vu recommends, but also how the skin will look if the customer does the treatments recommended by the facial analysis.

Line-Vu includes the ability to see how old your skin really is.

A skin that is not taken care of ages faster. This may be the case, for example, if the customer has been exposed to a lot of sun without sunscreen.
The technology in Line-Vu allows the customer to see how old the skin is in comparison with the customer’s age.
Line-Vu offers a 2D model of the skin that has been photographed, thus showing the unevenness of the skin in different types of light.

After taking a picture with Line-Vu, the different lights can show the following conditions.

The purchase of a Line-Vu includes a small wireless moisture meter. By holding the moisture meter against any area of the skin, you as a clinic can see what skin moisture the customer has.

After taking a picture with Line-Vu, the different lights can show the following conditions.

Normal light

Dark circles

Reflected light

Hidden wrinkles

Polarizing light

Brown pigment stains

UV light

Development of acne
Sebum production

Weight and length
32(L)cm x 37(W)cm x 546(H)cm, 4.8Kg