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JeuDerm Reform Age O2 Boto Fluid

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Reform Age O2 Boto Fluid, the serum that gives a boto-like effect without injections.

Reform Age O2 Boto Fluid is a serum used mainly where our age most often reveals itself such as the face, hands and neck.

The serum gives a boto-like effect on the skin by tightening, smoothing, lifting and removes wrinkles.
Immediately after use, it leaves a glow that lasts all day.

Reform Age O2 Boto Fluid is aimed at customers who want to achieve the effects of a botox treatment but for various reasons do not want to inject or are afraid of needles.

The serum also works well on customers who have completed a botox treatment and wish to maintain their results longer than usual.

Directions:  Apply thin layer of O2 Boto Fluid onto cleansed skin of the face and around the eyes, after a few minutes, the cream will have turned into a foam and a tickling sensation will appear.

The tingling sensation occurs as the pores open and the skin works its way downwards. After the foam has been created, massage until fluid has been completely adsorbed.

Recommended for daily use in the morning and evening

One tube of this cream contains 110 ml.