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JeuDerm Reform Age Collagen Tonic

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Reform Age Collagen Tonic is a rejuvenating toner with MOIST-HA5 that enriches the epidermis with low molecular weight nutrients. Reform Age Collagen Tonic tones up, restores water balance and prevents the skin from looking dull. It restores the pH balance and the skin’s hydrolipidic layer.

Reform Age Collagen Tonic can be used as an at-home toner in the morning and evening and as one of the components of an FD Fiber treatment.

Reform Age Collagen Tonic is the liquid used to melt the JeuDerms Lift Intense FD-Fiber threads.

Indications for use: Using cotton pads, wipe the cleansed skin of the face, neck and neckline with the tonic along the massage lines. It is recommended to use at home daily in the morning and evening. In cosmetic procedures, it is used at the stage of toning.

Indications for use with the FD-Fiber thread: Apply a tin layer of the Reform Age Collagen Tonic on the treatment area of the klient. Once the water has been applied place the Lift Intense FD-Fiber threads on the wrinkles or fold which are to be treated. After the threads has been placed on top of  a wrinkle, apply more of the Reform Age Collagen Tonic on top of the heads with help of a brush.  After a few minutes the Lift Intense Fd-Fiber threads will be completely absorbed to the tissue.
A client who has proceed with one of these treatment is recommended to not touch the treatment area for the rest of the day. This is due to not disturb the working progress of the threads.

A bottle of the Reform Age Collagen Tonic contains 250 ml.