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HDNA Intensive Physo Cream

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HDNA Intensive Physo cream is a mild and gentle skin cream that deeply moisturises, repairs and relieves the skin’s various conditions. The cream can be used on areas that are particularly vulnerable such as hands, neck, face, chest and back. With its soft and silky formula, the cream gently melts into the skin, leaving it perfectly moisturised and smooth.

HDNA Intensive Physo cream can be used on all different types of skin but is particularly suitable for sensitive skin, dry skin and skin suffering from active acne. Just by applying this cream to clean skin, acne can disappear and the skin can build up to remove acne scars and other imperfections.

With these calming effects, HDNA Intensive Physo cream is also used by professional clinic staff after microneedling treatments.

HDNA Intensive Physo cream is recommended for daily use as a day and night cream both for people with problematic skin who want to get rid of their problems but also for people with normal skin who want to prevent and preserve their current skin.

With its natural ingredients, this cream helps to:

Repair unevenness and scars.
Counteracts acne.
Calm the skin.
Even out skin tone.
Colleagues boost.

Main ingredients

PDRN(Sodium DNA)
Centella Asiatica
Gastrodia Elata Root
Aloe Barbadensis Leaf

One tube of HDNA intensive physo cream contains 50ml.

The photo shown is after daily use of the HDNA intensive physo cream. The photos are taken with 3 months in between.