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DA:ALL threads are manufactured by the South Korean company Meta-Biomed.

These threads are colourless, which results in the threads not being visible through the skin after treatment.
The threads are invisible even after treatment with a large number of threads.
The threads have a shelf life of 2 years.
Da:all threads stimulate collagen, stretch the skin and provide excellent lifting ability.


Unlike other thread brands, Premium Molding PDO does not undergo any heat treatment.

This means that Premium Molding PDO can maintain traction force for a longer period of time.

Premium Molding PDO is especially suitable for cheek lifting and reduction of nasal and marionette lines.

The end part of the Premium Molding PDO needle is machined so that it does not cause pain after treatment.

7H Medical AB offers the following variants of Da:all Premium Molding PDO threads.

Da:all Premium Molding PDO

Article no. CW18100-W3417

Type of needle: Blunt

Needle size: 18G

Needle length: 100mm

Thread length: 170mm

Article no. CW19100-W3417

Type of needle: Blunt

Needle dimensions: 19G

Needle length: 100mm

Thread length: 160mm