7H Clinic AB was found 2018 by Tan Hast, Leg.  Specialized nurse. 
Tan has a long experience regarding medical treatment, healthcare and has for a diploma from the Medical program at the University of Borås, Sweden
The latest addition to the treatment program is Stem Cell injections and intravenous treatments.

Stem Cell is extracted from the patients own blood, fat or bone marrow and provides the effect that any part of a body that has a malfunction can repair itself.

Since it is the patients own material that is used for extrating Stem Cells, there are no negative side effects.
Our goal is to provide our clients with the best type of service by making them feel safe before, under and after a treatment. 

Besides stem cell treatments, 7H Clinic provides all kinds of treatments for our customers as PRP treatment for hair loss, conical pain, vaginal intimate treatment, sexual dysfunction, hair removal with laser, micro-needling, botox, fillers, chemical peeling, treatments with aesthetic threads and much more. 

At our clinic we offer the latest techniques and equipments for injections treatments and medical skincare. 
For us it is important that the results of all treatments gives a natural look.
We always offer a free consultation and skin analyze through a scanning equipment that can detect current and future issues with for example wrinkles. 

One of our biggest priority is to always be one step ahead in the medical market, to achieve this our team at 7H Clinic and 7H Medical travels all around the world to participate in different exhibitions, seminars and educations within the field of esthetic injection treatments and medical skincare.